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Kathy Bensabats sponsored give away on New Olreans Moms Blog

So excited the New Orleans Moms Blog that my daughter in law Amanda writes is giving a give away of one of my portraits. A 9″ x 12″ black and white acrylic painting. Check it out


I have been teaching in the Winter Park area for 4 years. It has been a wonderful experience. I have met fabulous people and enjoyed every moment. Casselberry Art house has been such a great place to teach art.

Been a while.

Been a while since I have updated my website. I have been teaching a lot and out of town with grandkids and family. About to add a blog my daughter in law in News Orleans writes for and will give away a portrait. She is a great writer, wife, mother and lawyer. Stay tuned.

I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well evreyone, I succesfully added a new painting and blog to my website. I can’t believe it. I am so excited. Check out these new tropical art paintings. Two are from the beautiful island of St. Luica and the other is a beautiful mermaid in a tropcial reef. So excited.

New Watercolor

Well today is the first time I have tried to undate my website. A few problems but i will work it out wilth the help of my web designer, Maggie Mcleod. Posted a new mermaid painting that i like very much. It is busy, but every inch of the painting is very interesting to look at. The colors are great and I feel it captures a beautiful mermaid in a colorful tropical reef....

Learning to add to website

The response to my new website has been great.  I sold a painting within the first week. Now Maggie Mcleod, my web designer is going to train me to be able to add new art work, blog etc.  Good luck Maggie, I tend to be computer challenged sometimes, as my kids we attest too.

My New Website

I am so excited to reveal my new website. Thanks to Peter Griffiths for starting it and to Maggie McLeod for creating a new site and for helping me learn to manipulate and change it. I look forward to presenting new art work and telling you something about my pieces. Launch away.

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